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  3. Personalized Daily Bread Cutting Board-370585 Personalized Daily Bread Cutting Board-370585
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Chop, Shred and slice with specialty tools from Walter Drake. Our collection of kitchen essentials make quick work of your most tedious tasks, producing even and consistent slices, perfect shreds and finely chopped meats. From our impressive selection of cheese slicers to the original ChopStir™, we carry the kitchen tools you need to let your inner chef shine. Plus, all of our kitchen gadgets are available online for easy ordering and fast delivery.

Slice and Save

Get more mileage from your cheese budget by slicing and shredding your cheese yourself. Not only will you save money, you’ll also enjoy fresher, better tasting cheese in a variety of recipes. Need sliced cheese? No problem. Our selection of cheese slicers create even slices out of block cheeses with little work. Best of all, you’ll save money by slicing your own cheese rather than buying it pre-sliced. You can also enjoy a wider variety of cheese slices when you have the tools you need to slice your own.

Shred and Grind

For recipes that call for shredded or ground foods, Walter Drake can help. Our shredding and grinding tools can turn hard vegetables to shreds in an instant, or can process chunks of meat into ground products in a hurry. Make your own sausage, slaw or loaf in less time than it takes to run to the store. Shredders and hand crank meat grinder tools are ideal for serious chefs who want to take their culinary skills to new heights.

Chop it Up

Get back to basics with choppers and cutting boards that can tackle a variety of foods. Our cutting boards are lightweight and easy to care for, so you can master the kitchen and then clean up quickly. Designed to resist trapping bacteria, our cutting boards are made from materials like bamboo and acrylic. Of course, a cutting board alone can’t get the job done, so you may want to order one of our choppers for faster food prep. Order a mini electric food chopper to process onions, garlic and other small foods, a corn cutter to remove kernels from the cob, or pick up a ChopStir™ to break up ground meat while you cook it.

Improve your cooking experience with chopping, shredding and slicing tools from Walter Drake. Our selection of high-quality kitchen essentials are designed to make you into a master chef, at least for a night. Browse our entire collection online to find the kitchen gadgets you need at affordable prices.

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